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let's get introduced.

Tell us about yourself_

Meet Kieran Walker - the restaurant manager of the trailblazing Three Chimneys restaurant based on the beautiful Isle of Skye. An excuse to get up there and soak up that crisp, fresh Scottish air and gob smacking scenery yes, but well worth it to meet the folk behind this phenomenal restaurant. They cracked it a while ago so it was about time we got behind the scenes of what makes Three Chimneys tick and what’s next for this exciting place.

Kieran’s journey into the hospitality industry began somewhat unexpectedly. It all started when he relocated to Farnham, Surrey, following his departure from the Isle of Lewis where he’s born and bred. His first step into the world of hospitality was at Farnham Castle, where he specialised in organising bespoke weddings. It was there his passion for hospitality blossomed. Helping and witnessing the dreams of countless couples materialise before his eyes he says was profoundly fulfilling. As he advanced in his career, his role evolved from simply witnessing those dreams to actively making them a reality. This transition marked one of the most gratifying moments in his professional life.

His path eventually led him away from event planning and into the realm of restaurants, but the essence of his work remains unchanged. Though on a smaller scale, the privilege of ensuring that every guest who walks through the doors of the Chimneys has an unforgettable experience. Whether it's someone ticking off a dining experience from their bucket list or locals celebrating a significant milestone, his goal remains consistent - to create cherished memories and provide the best possible hospitality to each and every individual.

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Can you tell us about Three Chimneys in a nutshell?

Nestled in a rustic countryside setting on the picturesque Isle of Skye, The Three Chimneys began its journey in a humble croft house, transformed with passion and dedication by Shirley and Eddie Spear in 1985. Their vision was simple yet profound: to establish a bistro-style haven celebrating Scotland's rich culinary heritage and the bounty of fresh local produce. This ethos remains at the heart of our establishment today.

Our unique dining experience offers guests the opportunity to curate their own culinary journey. Each dish on our à la carte menu is thoughtfully crafted to showcase the best of Scottish flavours, complemented by a curated selection of wines available by the glass. Embracing the spirit of choice and accessibility, guests can tailor their wine pairings according to their preferences, ensuring everyone, including those travelling from afar, can indulge responsibly.

Our diverse team, hailing from Skye, across Scotland, and beyond, shares a common commitment to our restaurant's ethos. United by a passion for showcasing the finest in Scottish cuisine, they contribute to the warmth and authenticity that defines The Three Chimneys experience.

Additionally, we invite guests to savour the essence of each season with our range of seasonal cocktails, perfect for enjoying as a prelude or conclusion to their dining adventure.


What sets you apart?

From its inception, the Three Chimneys has distinguished itself through an unwavering commitment to showcasing the rich tapestry of local flavours and fostering a profound connection to the land. Our dedication to championing indigenous produce is evident at every turn, sourcing delicacies like Crab and Langoustines directly from Loch Dunvegan, while embracing a holistic approach to sourcing, utilizing every part of animals such as beef and lamb sourced from Vatten Croft, just six miles away.

What truly sets the Three Chimneys apart is our Highland Hospitality ethos—a seamless blend of refined dining and convivial ambiance. Located amidst the remote splendor of our landscape, dining here is not merely a meal, but an immersive experience, leaving an indelible mark on every guest.

With a storied legacy spanning over half a century, our enduring tradition is underscored by a remarkable continuity, upheld by a select cadre of only four head chefs throughout our history. This continuity speaks volumes about the familial camaraderie that pervades every aspect of our establishment. At the Three Chimneys, we firmly believe that by nurturing and cherishing our staff, we cultivate an environment where genuine hospitality flourishes—a philosophy that ensures our guests receive unparalleled care and attention at every turn.


Why Rapscallion - why do you stock us and how did you come to know about us?

We have been stocking rapscallion for several years now. We were in search of local Scottish produce that offers something different but somewhere that also shares a similar ethos to the Three Chimneys for us Rapscallion was a perfect fit.

At the Three Chimneys, when our guests opt for a non-alcoholic beverage after a long drive, we frequently offer them refreshing Rapscallion soda over ice. However, lately, I've developed a preference for enjoying Ginja Ninja Soda alongside Scott's Rhubarb dessert. It features poached rhubarb accompanied by a delicate vanilla mousse, tantalising King's ginger jelly, and a zesty ginger beer sorbet.


Thoughts on the Scottish food and drink scene, and UK more generally?

There is a misconception that Scottish ingredients are limited to just a few staples like salmon, whisky, and oats. While these ingredients are undeniably celebrated, Scotland's natural bounty extends far beyond, encompassing an array of fresh seafood, game meats, artisanal cheeses, and seasonal produce cultivated in its lush landscapes.

In essence, the Scottish food and beverage scene is a dynamic tapestry of tradition and innovation, flavours both familiar and unexpected, and a dedication to quality that continues to evolve and captivate diners from around the world. It's a culinary journey that transcends stereotypes and invites exploration, promising delightful surprises at every turn.


Are you noticing anything in particular about your customers / consumers - are habits changing, evolving?

Absolutely, the demand for non-alcoholic beverage options has indeed seen a noticeable uptick in recent times. Factors like guests' responsibility while driving and a growing trend towards health-conscious choices, especially post-COVID, have significantly contributed to this shift.

While wine has traditionally been a staple for enhancing dining experiences, the evolving preferences of guests have prompted establishments to diversify their beverage offerings. Non-alcoholic options now play a pivotal role in complementing and elevating the dining experience, offering a spectrum of flavours and textures that pair harmoniously with various dishes


What’s next for you - anything exciting you can reveal, or anything you’re excited about?

We're currently gearing up for an exciting addition to our offerings at the restaurant. Alongside our traditional wine flight option, we're crafting a non-alcoholic pairing experience. This innovative concept will feature a blend of Rapscallion sodas and carefully concocted mocktails, many of which will incorporate leftover ingredients sourced directly from the kitchen. Take, for instance, our Apple and Dulse Spritzer, crafted with apple juice sourced from Perthshire and dulse water leftover from the chef's foraging expeditions at Loch Dunvegan. Another highlight is our Pearing Mocktail, which ingeniously repurposes the juices leftover from the Chef's Textures of Pear dessert, a dish that includes poached pear infused with Sichuan pepper. It's an exciting venture that merges sustainability, creativity, and culinary finesse, promising guests a truly unique and memorable dining experience.


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