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General FAQs

What Is So Special About Rapscallion?

We have an unusual "Fruit to Can" ethos which means:




We operate a unique production model which means we source directly and sell direct. This means only the freshest cans reach your lips.

Our production facility is electrically driven, powered by renewable energy and we are Living Wage Employers.

Welcome to "Guilt Free Drinking".

£29 for 12 Cans Seems Steep?

Quality doesn't come cheap.

Not when you factor in our FREE UK SHIPPING which can be as much as £7 per case of 12 cans. That's before we've even filled a can.

Let's break it down:

We press and macerate premium fruit, never cheap concentrates.

Quality craftsmanship takes time and expertise. Our team are always paid above the Living Wage no matter the department.

All UK Shipping costs are absorbed by us, that even includes re-delivery charges when you've taken the dog for a walk.

If you are concerned about taking the leap of faith, please Sign Up to our FwB Group to get 15% OFF your first purchase.

What Are Soft Drinks For Adults?

These are sodas that have been developed to suit a modern, discerning palate.

Our drinks are complex and a pure expression of the fruit that goes in. These are not the candy cane drinks of days past.

All flavour is subjective, but we have designed a collection of recipes that should have a perfect partner for preference.

Adult Soft Drinks are a new category of beverage that can be a worthy replacement for alcohol, or even enjoyed with your favourite tipple if you're feeling frisky.

We do have plenty of kids that absolutely love our drinks, but these have often been stolen from their parents fridge.

I Am Diabetic, Can I Drink Your Soda?

While we are not healthcare professionals, we can offer general information from personal experience and years of expertise in drink production.

*Please always read our calorie content first and get in contact with our Founder, Gregor for a full microbiological report on all of our drinks if you have questions.

Having diabetes in the family means that sugar content has always been a part of the conversation here at Rapscallion Soda.

This was one of the reasons we chose to use raw organic cane sugar in moderation to sweeten our sodas and heavily rely on the natural sugars in the fruit we use.  

Raw organic cane sugar has a lower glycemic index compared to refined sugars, which may affect blood sugar levels to a lesser extent. However, individual responses to sugar can vary, and it's important for individuals with diabetes to monitor their carbohydrate intake.

If you are diabetic or have specific dietary requirements, I recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to determine whether our sodas are suitable for your individual needs. They can provide tailored guidance based on your health condition, medication, and overall dietary considerations.

Can I Drink Your Sodas If I Am Pregnant?


Our sodas undergo a gentle pasteurisation process to ensure that any potential harmful elements are eliminated whilst retaining all the goodness and flavours from the fruit.

This makes our sodas a safe and tasty option for consumption during pregnancy.

However, it's always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure our sodas align with your specific health needs during pregnancy. 

I Am Vegan, Can I Drink Your Soda?


Our sodas are free from any animal products, making them suitable for vegans.

We prioritise unwaxed fruit, but as an added measure we thoroughly wash all incoming produce at a very specific temperature to remove any additions to the skin of the fruit.

While we aren't a certified vegan brand, rest assured that our commitment to excluding animal ingredients from our sodas aligns with vegan dietary choices.

You can enjoy our sodas with confidence as part of your vegan lifestyle.

Are Your Sodas Halal?

All of our sodas are made with 100%raw ingredients.

That means that we DO NOT USE any essences or ingredients that have been derived from alcohol or that contain alcohol.

We do not yet have a certification, but please be rest assured that our drinks are not an "intoxicant".

Should you have any further questions, we recommend you consult with a religious authority or expert if you require a definitive answer.

Who Are Your "Friends with Benefits"

Our small group of like-minded people who enjoy good food and drink with great company.

Our FwB Group are signed up to our newsletter and receive Automatic Discounts, Early Access to Seasonal Releases and Exclusive Access to experimental batches.

It's completely free and keeps you well informed.

Do You Sell Smaller Packs?

No, is the long and short of it!

Our top priority is being as eco-friendly as possible, so if a box is shipped, it should be packed to the brim. Plus, considering the current shipping cost surge, we don't want to add to your expenses. 

Don't stress, though!

If you fancy a taste test before committing, hit us up, and we'll guide you to a nearby stockist where you can quench your curiosity with a few cans.

Do You Wholesale Or Supply Direct?

We most certainly do!

Yes, we do offer direct wholesale pricing. If you're interested, please head to the top or bottom of the website to visit our trade portal.

There you can create an account, order a taster pack or find information about our distributors.

We love working with passionate people.

When Are Your Seasonal Sodas Available?

The timing of our Seasonal Soda Production is a bit like predicting the Scottish weather – unpredictable at best, but we've got a loose 2024 schedule!

Here's the scoop:

  • Seasonal_01 Rhubarb takes precedence at the beginning of the sunny season, it’s a wee reminder that winter is over. Production commencing around April and the launch in May.
  • Seasonal_02 Strawberry production initiates in May, with a scheduled launch in June, bringing you the taste of summer.
  • Seasonal_03 Cranachan production begins when the raspberries pop their heads out in July and we launch in August.
  • Seasonal_04 Blueberry production begins in August and we keep going until the first frost, we Launch in September/October. 

We are always on the lookout for exciting new varieties and fruit crops outside of the Summer busy spell.

Sign Up to our FwB Group for Early Access and Exclusive Access to our micro innovation projects.

Soda VS Carbonated Water

Ultimately they are the same thing. But we do things differently.

We used the American phrase "soda" a few years back to encapsulate everything carbonated.

All of our water comes from Loch Katrine in Scotland and goes through a 3 stage filtration process before we even dream about carbonation.

Soda VS Mineral Water

Both are carbonated, but "Mineral Water" has to come from a natural spring.

Think of "Soda" as Cremant, but "Mineral Water" as Champagne. Or Mescal VS Tequila if you prefer.

At this point in time, we have to share our source, Loch Katrine with a few well-know Scottish producers.

We are very lucky in Scotland to have such a pure source of fresh water on the West Coast.

If you would like a mineral breakdown of our sodas, just ask our Founder, Gregor for more details. We have plenty minerals in there, we just don't make a song and dance about it.

Product FAQs

Why Raw?

Natural is good, fresh is better but raw is the holy grail.

The definition of 'natural' in the food and drink industry can be quite flexible within legal bounds. To us, 'raw' represents a clear line in the sand.

We believe raw ingredients not only taste better but are also better for you.

What's In Your Sodas?

Carbonated Scottish Water, Fresh Fruit, Spices, Raw Organic Cane Sugar and Vitamin C. That's it.

We keep it real with only 5-6 ingredients including water.


Because we became sick and tired of highly processed drinks that bore no resemblance to their "natural ingredients".

There's nothing worse than spending your hard earned cash on disappointing drinks that promise the world and deliver heartburn.

Demand more from you soft drinks. Drink Raw.

Are There Allergens In Your Sodas?

We actively avoid using any of the 14 allergens in our products, the exception to this is S_03 Cranachan which contains OATS.

Although we use "Gluten Free" Oats, you can never be too careful. Our Founder, Gregor is gluten intolerant and he hoovers the stuff.

Allergens are listed on our products in BOLD and we would ask that you check these prior to purchase. We will also include a list of these along with each product, it may be on the back or included in the packaging.

Why Are There Calories In Your Sodas?

Because we have never tried a Zero Calorie soft drink that didn't taste like licking an armpit.

We extracti the natural sweetness from the fruit with the help of raw organic cane sugar. This eliminates the need for refined sugar, excessive amounts of sugar or artificial additives to carry flavour.

Our products range from 38-65 calories PER CAN, much lower than even you "light tonic water",

Guilt Free Drinking shouldn't mean a compromise on enjoyment.

Why Do You Use Raw Organic Cane Sugar?

Simple. We chose raw organic cane sugar for its purity, mouthfeel and slower release of energy.

We frequently hear this question, along with the question, 'Why don’t you use natural sweeteners, like stevia?'

Natural sweeteners, like stevia claim to be a healthier alternative, but it's essential to consider the broader picture. Stevia, while natural, has a distinct taste that not everyone enjoys, often described as bitter or licorice-like. Additionally, there are ongoing discussions about how sweeteners impact insulin levels, creating insulin resistance and potential gastrointestinal effects.

High fructose corn syrup and aspartame are a completely different discussion altogether!

At Rapscallion Soda, we prioritise the simplicity and deliciousness of raw organic cane sugar, steering clear of artificial sweeteners and potential health concerns.

Guilt Free Drinking.

Why Is My Product "Out Of Stock"

Because we produce fresh cans on weekly basis, at extremely busy times of the year we can sell out very quickly.

Seasonal recipes are made when the product is harvested, and if the weather has been atrocious or the crop hasn't been fantastic, we can't always produce enough to meet a 12 month demand.

But don't worry.

Since we rebuilt our production facility in 2023, fruit arrives on a Monday morning and a fresh can leaves us on a Wednesday evening.

Core stock is replenished every single week and in 2024 we are working with more growers to ensure "Sold Out" is a distant memory.

If your thirst is killing you, please reach out to us directly to find out when the next delivery slot will be.

What Is Your Shelf Life?

We proudly state a 12 month BBE on all of our cans (Best Before End).

All of products are shelf stable last much longer than our stated BBE.

The reason we put one year on our cans is due to the lighter, brighter notes of citrus and soft fruit start to slowly fade over time.

Although you do not need to refrigerate our cans, you will need to drink them immediately after opening as they contain no preservatives.

Do Your Sodas Contain Caffiene?

No. None of our sodas contain caffeine whatsoever.

Are Your Sodas 0% // Alcohol Free?

Yes, absolutely.

Our sodas contain 0% alcohol, and we do not use any alcohol or alcohol-derived products our production processes.

Rest assured they are completely alcohol free.

Questions Around Policy

What's Your 100% Raw Ingredient Guarantee?

We stand by our raw approach. Its our promise to never rely on artificial ingredients or concentrates.

If you disagree with this approach and can find a better alternative, we will refund you if you tell us who is doing it better.

If you are not happy with any of our products you have purchased online, again we will happily refund or replace the products you detest.

Just let us know your order number, the product and the batch number.

**Our refund and Guarantee Policy is valid within 14 days from receiving your order **

What's Your Shipping Policy?

We cover 100% of the Shipping Cost across the UK mainland. This is a standard 48hr service.

We also absorb 1 x redelivery attempt if you miss the first one. You will be responsible for the delivery cost if you miss the initial delivery and redelivery attempt.

Our Courier: DPD


Ideal Shopping: SUNDAY <> THURSDAY

Please allow for a slight delay when ordering on weekends and bank holidays.

For those ordering beyond the UK mainland (hello NI, British Isles, Scottish Islands), it's a 3-5 day delivery dance.

DO NOT accept the delivery if there are signs of damage or leakage, we will organise a replacement ASAP.

And sorry, we haven't shipped Internationally since Brexit. Leave that conundrum with us!

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Our refund and return policy is valid within 14 days from receiving your order.

To be eligible for a cancellation or refund, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging and in a sellable condition.

Please see our 100% Raw Ingredient Guarantee above for more details.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Our refund and return policy is valid within 14 days from receiving your order.

We cannot accept returns at our production facility due to hygiene reasons.

However if you have discovered your products are damaged or faulty after accepting the delivery, we will look to replace the order or issue you a refund.

We will need your order number and a clear photo of the damage or fault.

To be eligible for a cancellation, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging and in a sellable condition.

Please see our 100% Raw Ingredient Guarantee.

Where's My Favourite DIY Case?

We are sorry to say we had to say cheerio to our DIY cases earlier this year.

We simply could not scale the operation and labour necessary to do the service justice.

Please check out our new "bundle" and "combo" packs which will give you plenty of variety!

Payment Providers.

We accept all major payment providers including Stripe, PayPal, Shopify Pay and all your major credit cards.

If we don’t have your preferred payment type, please get in touch.

We do no accept camels as payment.

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