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“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavours & furniture polish is made with real lemons.”


Well Alfred… Not now pal. Not now.

RAPSCALLION_ started life punting handmade soft drinks down an alleyway in Glasgow back in 2016.

The goal was simple: make the best tasting drinks we could, without using artificial ingredients.

We now live in our 1500 sqft railway arch in the Gorbals. Our aims have never changed, but we have learned, improved & refined our recipes & processes. Every day is a school day. We’re committed to creating real flavour from the rawest of ingredients, whilst not messin’ up the planet

We specialise in fresh fruit, low sugar sodas, handmade in Glasgow.

It starts with the best raw ingredients sourced from local markets.

We then gently extract their natural flavour & aroma, relying on pressure & cooling to pull the exact taste we need, without destroying the delicate stuff with heat. Organic raw cane sugar helps bind these flavours together & a little Vitamin C stops any oxidisation. Trust us, we’ve tried brown soda and we do not recommend it.

Once we’ve found that balance between sweet, sour & bitter, we’re ready to supercharge with carbonation. We work hard to integrate layers of flavour in our juice, which should unravel as your glass warms & carbonation subsides.

We care about what goes into our cans. Our promise is to never use concentrates, preservatives, artificial flavours, colours or anything you can’t bloody pronounce or have to Google.

These are soft drinks like they should be –

Better ingredients, better tasting, better for you. More fun, less hangovers.

Global Silver Medal


As featured in GQ magazine

May 2020

Best Drinks 2019

The Skinny Awards