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Inverlonan are all about re-imagining every element of their experience - an experience that in any other location or led by any other people could be what you’d expect, but far from it. And for that reason, we’re re-imagining our blog and veering off the interview structure. It seems like the right fit, and we hope you’ll agree after reading.
Along the sun-filled shores of Loch Nell you’ll find Inverlonan’s unique Bothy Experience. Here, they invite you to disconnect, immerse yourself in the wild, and return to the basics - albeit in gob-smackingly beautiful surroundings and ecological luxury. Inverlonan’s Bothy Experience asks you to adopt the mindset of slow living - an eye-opening pleasure and something we at Rapscallion have been lucky enough to experience. It takes time to light a fire, boil the kettle, and hand-grind the coffee and they ask that you embrace the pace. That coffee - made with your thought, effort, and time, will taste all the better. Likewise the food, the rustic shower, and the overall experience. Here, you can enjoy a luxury setting with luxury products and produce, all at a slow pace. It’s disconnecting to reconnect and embracing the slow life.
By embracing the Bothy Experience and the ethos of disconnected, slow living, back-to-basics way of being, Inverlonan hopes that you’ll discover the simpler pleasures in life and soak up the joy in the luxury of your surroundings.

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What makes Inverlonan so utterly special? Well, it’s definitely helped along by their profound and remarkable location, setting and all the mind-opening history that you feel surrounding you when you’re there.
Inverlonan is in a beautiful part of Scotland completely bathed in history. ‘Inverlonan’ is the collective name for the farms of Strontoiller, Duneil, and Ballygowan. ‘Inver’ is a historic geographic term describing the area around the mouth of a river, in this case, the River Lonan, which runs along Glen Lonan into Loch Nell, where the bothies sit.
Glen Lonan is a stunning valley, firmly rooted in mythology and ancient history. According to legend, Finn MacCool (yep, we agree what a surname) and Diarmid of ancient Irish mythology fought to the death for the love of Grainne in this glen. The funeral corteges of some ancient Kings of Scotland, including Kenneth MacAlpin, Aed, Giric, and Constantin I, also passed through the glen en route to Crinan and burial on the Isle of Iona.
Inverlonan is rich in Neolithic, Iron Age and Middle Age history and mythology. The Strontoiller Stone Circle, built around 2000 BC, stands in front of Inverlonan’s farmhouse. Nearby is the 13ft Clach Na Caraig standing stone, or Diarmid’s Pillar, marking his grave. There are many ancient sites to explore, including Duns, hut circles, cup-marked stones, and burial grounds. Ongoing studies aim to prove that Inverlonan was a key site for ancient sun worship, with alignments such as Diarmid’s Pillar, the Rubha na Moine Crannog, and the setting winter solstice sun.
In more recent times, Ballygowan Farm, the point of access to the Bothies, was at the heart of Dal Riata, the Gaelic kingdom which encompassed Argyll and County Antrim (Northern Ireland) in the 6th and 7th centuries. Hills on Ballygowan Farm include Tom an Eirinnich (The Irishman’s Hill), Tom na Caorach (The Sheep’s Hill), and Barr a’ Chlaiginn (Hill of the Skull).
Their location and its historical significance is truly unique - pair that with slow living, and we guarantee you’ll feel all that has come before and soak up that rich history whilst taking in your first worth the wait cup of coffee or a sundowner Rapscallion soda.



In our ever-evolving world, Inverlonan strive to be forward-thinking - engaging in biological and ecological enhancement, increasing public access, and enhancing animal welfare and productivity.
Two years ago, they planted an ecologically focused 100 hectare broadleaf woodland on Ballygowan Hill behind the Bothies, with public access encouraged. They planted 190,000 broadleaf trees, predominantly oak, beech, and birch, with rough footpaths throughout. The woodland sits within the “GLAW-1” Golden Eagle Range, and Inverlonan’s founders encourage local wildlife, including hen harriers, white-tailed sea eagles, black grouse, merlins, and red-throated divers, to flourish.
Not only that, Inverlonan farms along regenerative principles and are in the process of converting to organic status. Their flock of about 100 native breed Hebridean and Shetland ewes and about 25 native Luing cattle are wholly grass-fed and antibiotic-free. Their meat BBQ boxes and the meat used during the Wild Dine experience are 100% Inverlonan, and they’re slowly building a direct-to-consumer meat box business. Is that all? Pfft, no. To top it off, they produce top-quality knitting wool from their sheep too.
Across Inverlonan, a Government-backed Agri-Environment Climate Scheme controls grazing patterns across the individual habitats, encouraging biodiversity. Black Grouse have returned. Waders are encouraged to nest. Habitats are left ungrazed during the critical spring months.

Into this inspiring and aspiring mix, they throw in their Bothies - their first steps into agri-tourism. The longer term plan is to take what they learn from these bothies and transform the ‘abandoned’ Ballygowan farm buildings where you’ll park your car into a high-end, luxury cool, ecologically centred, 14 room boutique-y hotel - largely building on the core propositions established by the bothies.



If you know, you know. But if you don’t know much about bothies we don’t blame you! They’re a common sight across Scotland and have become a little famous in recent years thanks to a newfound passion for all that is wild. A network of shelters all over Scotland, they provide a basic refuge for all and any - the only genuinely free, communal institutions. Described as ‘simple shelters in remote country for the use and benefit of all who love wild and lonely places’ by the Mountain Bothy Association, you’re guaranteed to come across one if out on a wild walk or adventure in any part of Scotland. Their history is really, truly interesting so we’d recommend researching them - once you’ve finished this blog, of course.
Back to Inverlonan and their vision with Bothies - to create simple, high-end, architecturally driven, ecologically sensitive, off-grid bothies, embedded in nature. This is intended as a modern, luxury imagining of traditional Scottish Bothy culture and experience, designed for your relaxation and delectation.
The Mountain Bothy Association describes a traditional bothy as a place with no facilities: no tap, no sink, no beds, no lights, and often nothing to burn. Comforts must be carried in, and water and warmth are not guaranteed. Whilst Inverlonan have carried many of those comforts in, they aim to remain true to the traditional bothy culture and the basic premise of what a bothy provides and nurtures.
Inverlonan’s Bothies are where modern luxury meets ancient tradition, allowing you to disconnect from the hectic pace of daily life and reconnect with nature and yourself. Embrace the slow life, immerse yourself in history, and explore the rich natural and cultural heritage of Inverlonan.



Inverlonan have ensured that the unique structure of each bothy connects with the surrounding nature, making them as striking as they are sensitive to the environment they stand in. Intimate, thoughtful, warm and uniquely Scottish. The bothies have been finished with the highest quality natural furnishings, fabrics and products for rough luxury like no other. Inverlonan represents the very best of Scottish craftsmanship, artisan makers and producers.
And that’s where we come in here at Rapscallion and our wee cans of love - Inverlonan have teamed up with the very best local makers to create food & drink provisions that can be delivered straight to your door, so you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet without having to leave. From land, sea and garden you’ll be able to cook up a feast without leaving the peace and quiet of Inverlonan.
They also take the experience to another level through dining by offering a unique ‘Wild Dining Experience’. They have an exceptionally talented chef at Inverlonan with Michelin training under his belt and a stage at Relae in Denmark. They offer a unique, fairytale, off-grid, dining experience to make your stay even more special. You will be cooked for over a live fire, in a secret location, surrounded by scenic Highland beauty. With an emphasis on the wild and preserving the seasons, they use the freshest, most seasonal, most local, most ethically sourced ingredients they can find.



Inverlonan is all about taking things slow, getting back to basics and getting back to nature. Disconnecting to reconnect in a wild luxury escape. Wild wellness is central to their ethos. Cook up a feast on their outdoor fire pit with the very best local produce delivered straight to your bothy. Rejuvenate with a wild swim - it’s dark in the middle but we dare you. Stroll through the spectacular scenery. Sip away on a sundowner whilst relaxing in front of a log fire. Turn off the outside world and enjoy. Their Bothies are just the beginning - both the start and entry into an all senses experience.
Now, if that hasn’t wet your appetite enough to experience Inverlonan, then head over to our youtube channel to hear more about this special place straight from Dee - the woman in charge of the care of this incredible place.



f reading this hasn’t wet your appetite enough to experience Inverlonan for yourselves, then head over to our youtube channel to hear more about this special place straight from Dee - the woman in charge of the care of this incredible place. You will see Inverlonan in all its wild, bothy glory in video form


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