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Strawberry Deep Dive

Strawberry Deep Dive


The 101

INGREDIENT: Strawberry
VARIETY: Magnum + Murano
FARMER: Various, Scottish
LOCATION: Fife + Various Others
TIME OF YEAR: June - September
NO. OF BATCHES: 5 for 2024


Next Release: July 2024

With our unwavering commitment to showcasing the best of what Scotland has to offer, we’re on a relentless quest every year to source the tastiest fruit picked at the peak of the season directly from farmers. We’re a wee bit biased, yes, but we challenge you to find a tastier, juicier strawberry, blueberry or raspberry than those found here in our homeland in peak season. We might be known for salmon, haggis and whisky, but our fruit is fan-bloody-tastic if we don’t say so ourselves.
Our Scottish seasonal range was designed to showcase the best of what the country produces, sourcing the fruit directly from the farmers themselves. But what makes up our seasonal range exactly, we hear you shout? Worry no more - we’re gonna break it down for you right here, right now.
In a nutshell, our Seasonal range is currently made up of our Hot Little Number (Strawberry), Sweet Scottish Smooch (Cranachan), Berry Bad Boy (Blueberry) and Sour Face Pull (Rhubarb). Combined, they cover the peak season months of April right through until September.



Our sweetest of strawberry flavoured scottish smooches will be hot off the press in July and available for you all to get your mitts on. She’s a Hot Little Number, big on being bold and a little bit cheeky to boot. What a combo. We balance plump Scottish strawberries with the savoury bite of Scotch Bonnet Chilli.
Strawberries tend to steal the show in any drink and given the opportunity to do so, often overpowering other flavours with their natural sweetness. To bring them back to reality, we've given them a gentle nudge and a sultry slap from chilli. This unexpected twist creates a harmonious balance, ensuring that every sip delivers a burst of flavour that’s both bold and refreshing, balanced and rigorous.
Last year we played with a new variety, Magnum for their deep colour and natural acidity. This year we have decided to work with a wider pool of growers predominantly with sweet Magnum strawbs and a new variety Murano. This has given us a brighter, lighter liquid to achieve a higher level of carbonation. Perfect for spritzes when this sun decides to come out.



In July, we scour all over Scotland to gather the plumpest, juiciest, tastiest strawberries. Our mission is clear - race these juicy gems back to Glasgow before their flavours and goodness have any chance of fading. Our journey from Fife or Blairgowrie is swift and precise, but the real work begins once the strawberries get through our door.
Each strawberry is carefully hand washed and rinsed. Then comes the epic task of hulling. This process takes place by hand, just above freezing — a method as unpleasant and challenging as it sounds. But it's also incredibly important. Keeping the berries, and our hardworking team at this chilly temperature allows us to retain and coax the rich colour and texture from both the skin and flesh of the berries. It’s what we do, and we promise we know what we’re doing.



To counter and control the thick, natural sweetness of the berries, we blend hot Scotch Bonnet Chillies with Tellicherry pepper. These ingredients are macerated together, creating a perfect balance of heat and sweetness. Capsaicin, the component that gives fiery heat to food is naturally present in Strawberries, albeit in miniscule amounts. But that's why your brain will hop between a feeling of sweet and savoury. The new, harmonious match on the block to your usual sweet and sour combination. This spicy twist is what sets our Hot Little Number apart from other 'strawberry-based' drinks.
Once the ingredients are combined in ice-cold Scottish freshwater, we filter, carbonate, and seal this delightful taste of summer into our wee cans. The process doesn't end there. We take the extra step to pasteurise each can, ensuring the drink is as safe as it is delicious. Finally, we wrap them up with love, ready to be sent out to you.



Our Hot Little Number is more than just a drink - it's an experience and an expression of love from us to Scotland’s famously sought after strawberries. With a maximum of 80 calories per can (think tonic water), it’s vegan-friendly and raw as always, making it a guilt-free pleasure. Each sip delivers a juicy Scottish hug, a refreshing embrace of summer flavours with a spicy kick that leaves a lasting impression. The best kind of kick.
Whether you're enjoying a can on a hot summers day or sharing it with friends under a brolly beside a BBQ embracing our hoofing it down summers, our Hot Little Number is sure to be a hit. Embrace the heat and savour the unique blend of sweet and spicy in every can. Cheers to a truly extraordinary drink - a can of wonderful strawberry-ness we know you’ll love as much as us.

We Love A Laugh

But we never muck about when it comes to sourcing the best produce and creating the purest flavour.


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