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A Bit About Our Bluebs

A Bit About Our Bluebs



Ingredient: Blueberry
Variety: Liberty and Last Call
Farmer: Rowan and Jennifer Marshall @ Peter Marshall Farms & Co
Location: Alyth, Blairgowrie, Scotland
Time of Year: August - October
Number of Batches: 4 in 2023


Next Release: September 2024

Let’s take a deep dive in to our Berry Bad Boy and all its Blueberry, anti-oxidant goodness. Where do we start with our baddest of berries?

Our Blueberry soda joined us in 2023 after initially being part of our experiential X_Series in 2022. We loved him, you guys loved him, and he’s now part of our Seasonal Core Range and boy, are we glad he is. With 4 releases last year and more to come this year, let’s find out a little more about this particular fusspot of a berry and what makes him kinda exceptional in all the right, enticing ways.

Blueberry reflects our relentless quest for quality but also our dedication to delivering a unique, refreshing experience to you all. It’s proudly part of our seasonal Scottish line up. It would be silly not to give it the credit this naughty blue ball of goodness it so deserves - packed with fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K and right at the top of the antioxidant rankings compared with other fruits and vegetables - so let’s get in to it.



At the heart of Blueberry is the growers. Sourced exclusively from Rowan and Jennifer Marshall at Peter Marshall Farms & Co, a fourth generation family farming business based in beautiful Alyth, Perthshire. Their focus is on fresh produce and hands down have some of the best in Scotland. And their blueberries are next level. Meticulously harvested and picked by hand late in the year from August - October, this carefully chosen timeframe ensures that the blueberries are at their peak ripeness, delivering an explosion of natural, unique flavours that captivate your palette. Paired with the cooler climate, it allows these blueberries some vibrant expressions you wouldn’t normally expect. They thrive in Strathmore valley’s micro climate, creating perfect growing conditions and in turn, uniquely and gobsmackingly tasty blueberries.



Our soda boasts two distinct varieties of blueberries – Liberty and Last Call. Liberty blueberries are large, sweet and bursting with a bold and robust flavour profile, while Last Call blueberries contribute a subtle, aromatic sweetness that harmonises with the overall taste experience.

These hand picked berries are cultivated with care and attention, ensuring that only the finest and baddest of berries make their way into our cans.



There’s a reason you’ll struggle to find a natural blueberry drink that hasn’t been cooked within an inch of its life - they’re a bit of a fussy pants and require a fair bit of TLC before our Berry Bad Boy gets to you. Fussy yes, but a little bit of science, a wee bit of art and a teency bit of craftsmanship on our side ensures we emphasise and extract this berry as close to its purest, natural form.

We begin by picking the baddest berries of the bunch and washing them by hand. The best of the bunch then go through a weekend long maceration to pull the flavour from the skin and pulp, this extracts that royal purple hue and beautiful 'bubblegum' aromas.

Our X_Series feedback from you lovely lot highlighted that you wanted a little more something-something in your glass. Because of this we upped the organic sugar content slightly and trialled some vegetal/earthy spices to bring these berries to life when bubbled.

In 2023 we reached out to one of our favourite stockists, Johnnie Walker Princess Street, to help bring this new product to life and add that little bit of je ne sais quoi. After a couple of sessions working with their team at their incredible R&D development bar, we landed on two exciting botanicals we hadn't used before: Green Peppercorns and Douglas Fir Pine Needles. And just like that, your palete is taken to another beautiful dimension.

The pepper supports the blueberry's softness, the pine needles lift its aroma. At least that's the idea! Once the ingredients are bound together in ice-cold Scottish freshwater we filter, carbonate, and seal this delightful taste of Autumn into our wee cans.

Finally, we pasteurise and wrap them up with love ready to send to you.



The production process is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. From field to facility, each step is carefully monitored to ensure both the preservation and enhancement of the blueberries' natural flavours. We take pride in producing Blueberry in limited batches, with just four releases in 2023. This intentional approach allows us to maintain unparalleled quality and freshness, ensuring that each can delivers a unique and exceptional experience for you guys. We don’t cheat the process, speed up the harvest or cut any corners and it’s a true representation of our pursuit of pure, honest flavour. It’s our latest, exciting creation taking you on a sensory trip through the Scottish landscape. Raw ingredients, real bad boy flavour.

Go get ‘em tiger - our final batches of 2023 are still available online until we begin the hunt for 2024. These cans promise to slap your taste buds in the nicest way possible.

Misbehave Responsibly,

Gregor Leckie

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But we never muck about when it comes to sourcing the best produce and creating the purest flavour.


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