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Our Ethos


Flavour from the fruit always.

This means we refuse to use ‘natural’ concentrates, emulsions, essences, or artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, blah blah blah the list goes on. We don’t add anything that would need an MSc to understand.

We’re no angels, but we do have an angelic approach to soft drink production.

Fresh from us to you without the need to adulterate flavours and use cheap commercial shortcuts.


Shorter supply chains mean fresher cans straight to your door.

Ever bitten into a strawberry picked at the peak of the season? It tastes good doesn’t it?! It’s our job to capture that true flavour found in every piece of fruit and spice, ensuring every sip is like biting into the real thing. We work hard to integrate layers of flavour into each and every can without those pesky calories. These are soft drinks, but reimagined for an adult palate.


We rely heavily on our local network from fruit to can.

Manufacturing ain’t easy, but by prioritising local growers, wholesalers, and a Scottish supply chain this allows us to build resilience around us and our partners. We have global ambitions which start with local foundations.

Sustainability for us doesn’t just mean offsetting your carbon emissions, it means making tough decisions now that ensure we are here for many years to come.


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