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The Long Story Short | 02 // The Juggling Act

The Long Story Short | 02  // The Juggling Act

At the beginning of the year, we promise to start showing you warts and all; but to be honest if we did that every week, you would think we were some kind of soft drink soap opera!

Now, I don’t want you to think our lives are a drama or that we are trying to get out our mini violin but sometimes I don’t know what else to think. 

Owning your own business (as some of you will know) is a wee bit of a juggling act; where the highs are sky high and lows are like there is no wind in your sails.

So far this year, we have definitely had both.

Look at us all bright eyed and brushy tailed - Feb 2022
Look at us all bright eyed and brushy tailed - Feb 2022

I love a ‘New Year’ because it always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, an opportunity to turn the page, start a new chapter and become even better than the previous year.


When we began this year; we had that vibe, we were refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to rock. We had had our month of reflection and felt like nothing could stop us now. The world was our oyster and the pandemic was pretty much over? 


It’s that New Year's feeling of ‘kick ass’ and then… f%$k! 


World War Three? Energy crisis? Rising prices?
More supply chain issues? Talk about some blockers! 
Nothing like skipping along merrily into 2022 and then falling flat on our faces. Am I right? 


Our team of 4 quickly turned into a team of 2, which meant everything and I mean everything was done by 2, we like to call it ‘The Gregor and Sophie Show!’

This is where the true juggling of 2022 began; we were chopping up the fruit, blending, carbonating, canning and labelling the cans, plus shipping and don’t forget building a new website and trying to raise investment. 

Boy, did I feel like screaming to the universe “Thank you for the drama but I’ve had enough character building!”

I must have tried to write the next Long Story Short email a hundred times in the last 4 months but I was at the point where I had no words left. 

Some nights were even spent sleeping in the warehouse because we had worked so late. Just in case you're considering it; two people sleeping in a single bed is not ideal, nor is it comfortable. I do not recommend it! 

Here's us on the blow up bed before we got the single bed - March 2022
Here's us on the blow up bed before we got the single bed - March 2022

This is what I like to call stubborn perseverance, sleeping top and tail in a single bed! 
But fear not, old chum...
This is not a sob story, we’ve got a happy ending but I can’t give that to you until I’ve set the scene. 


Luckily, we kept our humour and if you can’t smile, you’ll cry right? 


A couple of weekends in the highlands a month with family was one thing that kept us sane. Surrounded by nature, playing uncle and aunty. Talk about moments of feeling pretty grateful and blessed. 

It’s actually unbelievable how children can make all your problems melt away and the only thing that matters is having fun wheelbarrow rides around the garden and discovering new things we can put in our mouths. It really makes you slow down and appreciate the small things. 

Bethan & King Lewi - Look at that face! I die! (I think I did my 10,000 steps just going around the garden that day)
Bethan & King Lewi - Look at that face! I die!
(I think I did my 10,000 steps just going around the garden that day)

The other thing that kept us sane and pushing ahead was YOU. 
Now, I’m not trying to butter you up, however, I find it incredible the amount of times that we have had a hard day, we’re completely exhausted but then an amazing review comes in or a funny text or email! (You know who you are) 

That hard day just disappears and makes it all worth it because I am so proud of the wee community we are starting to build. I get blown away by your love, support and humour, you are all so amazing and kind. I literally boast to anyone and everyone that our customers are the BEST! 


The herd of highland cows - It took about 10mins to get them off the road.
The herd of highland cows - It took about 10mins to get them off the road. 


In April, we scored 4 days away at the most incredible place, Inverlonan, who are incredible for many reasons but also because they stock us! 

It is back to basics luxury.

Outside of Oban, you arrive in the middle of a field, past a herd of highland cows where there’s no reception. There you leave your car, grab your belongings, get picked up in a buggy and then driven to the most beautiful Bothy next to a Loch. 

The view from the bothy at sunset.

Hello Heaven! 

 When I say back to basics luxury, I mean it. 

If you want a shower, a cup of tea or something to eat, you need to quickly learn how to build a fire and Luckily, Gregor and I think of ourselves as quite the fire starters! (but that’s another story). 

Where is the luxury? I hear you ask. Everything you touch is high spec, locally sourced and sustainable. No corners have been cut. The sauna, yes SANUA and food have to be the highlight. I’ve never seen scallops so big and there is nothing like a wee skinny dip after a sauna into the Loch with absolutely no one around. 

If you haven’t been there, book now! 

We definitely recommend, 10/10!

(This is not paid advertising)


The view from the sauna 👇
The view from the Sauna
The GIANT scallops 👇
The giant scallops
Some water-sports on the loch 👇

Some water-sports on the loch.


We should actually all take our hats off to Gregor, he is definitely Rapscallion’s employee of the year 2022.

(In fact he has most likely been Employee of the year, every year!) 

The man is a wonder. Not only does he manage all the day to day production, procurement, all our design, copywriting, bookkeeping, innovating new flavours etc etc etc

(I could go on)

But this year he also managed to get his head clear through all of that, iron a shirt and pitch Rapscallion to some pretty incredible heavy hitters to raising investment for Rapscallion 2.0. 

And… he Succeeded!!! 

We have finally secured investment and built a Board of Directors which has allowed us to press the button on our all singing, all dancing Innovation Hub right here in Glasgow.

We are going from Fiat Punto to Ferrari later this year!

This investment will open up doors that remained closed to us for a number of years.

We're taking our Innovation Facility from handmade to automated and reducing our reliance on food grade CO2 by up to 45% which is a huge step forward for us in terms of sustainability and will be industry leading here in the UK.

We're hiring a brand new management squad to allow us to grow beyond Scotland, and implementing a full stack eCommerce website to take better care of you. (we can't keep up sometimes!)

We are also pleased to announce we will join forces with the legends Freytag Anderson who were the driving force behind our award winning can designs. (


So The Long Story Short is that you should stick with us, the future is gonna be juicy indeed.

Wishing you all a safe and sunny summer,

Warmest Regards



Climbing Arthur's seat in Edinburgh - May 2022 👇
Climbing Arthur's seat in Edinburgh - May 2022

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